The publishing procedure involves several stages:

  1. The texts are accepted in electronic form to the following address:
  2. Each article is verified by the Editorial Board in terms of:
  3. a) compliance of its content with the thematic profile of the journal,
  4. b) compliance of the structure of the text with the principles of the methodology of science,
  5. c) formal (contact details with the Author; title, abstract of the text and keywords in the language Polish and English; editorial correctness).
  6. The editors make an initial substantive evaluation of the texts. On its basis, the final decision on the submission of texts for external review is made by the Chairman of the Scientific Council.
  7. Articles, accepted during the initial substantive evaluation, are sent to two independent Reviewers (from various scientific units) who deal with the issues raised in the text. The double-blind review principle is applied, which means that Reviewers do not know the identity of the Author of the text and the Author does not know the identity of Reviewers.
  8. Only articles that receive both positive opinions will be allowed to print. In contentious situations, a third reviewer is appointed.
  9. The reviewer in the Review Form formulates a conclusion regarding the conditions of admission of the text for publication or the reason for its rejection.
  10. The author applies any corrections in accordance with the comments of the Reviewers and re-sends the text to the Editor.
  11. The Editorial Secretary sends the authors a contract form for the transfer of copyrights. Completing and signing the contract is a condition for placing the text in „Polish Journal of Critical Realism”.
  12. The authors are informed about the progress of each stage by the Editorial Secretary.
  13. The texts that have been approved for printing are forwarded for editing and proofreading.
  14. After the editorial correction has been made, the texts are forwarded to the Editorial Office. After checking the editorial correctness, the material is subjected to further correction and sent to the final print.

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