TWP Academy of Applied Sciences in Szczecin

ul. Monte Cassino 15, 71-466 Szczecin, Poland

tel. (91) 424-32-00

email: redakcja@anstwp.pl


EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Krzysztof Wielecki

Małgorzata Bogunia-Borowska, Uniwersytet Jagielloński, Poland
Grażyna Leśniewska, Akademia Nauk Stosowanych TWP w Szczecinie, Polska
Marek Rembierz, Uniwersytet Śląski, Polska
Joanna Smoluk-Stachowska, Akademia Nauk Stosowanych TWP w Szczecinie, Polska
Krzysztof Wieczorek, Uniwersytet Śląski w Katowicach, Polska
Marek Woś, Akademia Nauk Stosowanych TWP w Szczecinie, Polska


Marta Białas, Akademia Nauk Stosowanych TWP w Szczecinie, Polska


Marek Hajdukiewicz, Akademia Nauk Stosowanych TWP w Szczecinie, Polska

Duties of the editorial office:

  • to monitor and evaluate the publishing and financial plan of the journal,
  • to take actions aimed at the development of the journal,
  • to make final decisions in disputable cases concerning the publication of negatively reviewed scientific articles,
  • to prepare an annual report on the activities of the Publishing House,
  • to prepare draft agreements with distributors of scientific publications and registration on digital platforms (domestic and foreign databases of scientific articles),
  • to take actions aimed at excluding scientific dishonesty – preventing cases of ghostwriting and guest authorship.


Duties of Editors

The Editor-in-Chief shall supervise all editorial work related to the preparation of a given issue of a journal, in particular:

  • to receive and qualify articles and other materials to be published and appoint external reviewers,
  • to decide on the basis of the review received on the final decision on the publication of articles,
  • to approve the list of reviewers,
  • to cooperate with the Deputy Editor-in-Chief in matters concerning the final editorial office of a volume or number, its correction and other editorial works,
  • to approve the given number for printing after the technical editorial office,
  • to make decisions concerning the distribution of the journal and its presence on digital platforms,
  • to establish the strategy for the development of the journal in the context of legal changes concerning parametric evaluation,
  • to decide on the inclusion of new members in the Scientific Committee of the journal.


The Deputy Editor-in-Chief shall supervise the publishing process of individual quarterly issues, and in particular:

  • cooperation with the executive editor, statistical editor and language editors,
  • cooperation with authors and reviewers, including supervising the implementation of amendments commissioned by a reviewer,
  • choice of the list of reviewers,
  • cooperation with technical editors of the journal,
  • administration of the magazine’s website,
  • cooperation with index databases of scientific journals,
  • providing a set of materials (text and reviews) from a given issue to the technical editor who prepares a given issue,
  • verification of the correctness of the submission of the publication by the publisher,
  • implementation of other organisational tasks commissioned by the executive editor,
  • introduction of proposals for the distribution of a volume or number of a journal and its presence on digital platforms, index databases and national and international publishing markets.
  • The statistical editor verifies the calculations of research results presented in articles which are planned for printing in the journal.

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